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I am fairly new to blogging. I have not yet quit my day job. I have to hold on to our Health Insurance, you really can't pay for this on your own. Maybe there are some networks out there to help get discounts. Do you guys know about anything like this?
Anyway, I am excited about writing on a regular basis and then having some sort of feedback.
I watched the movie Julie and Julia and it really got me inspired to begin writing. I know that I am not about to get the sort of attention that she got, but it was cool to see how writing helped her fulfill her dreams. How has writing impacted you all? Any tips or advice welcome.

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Comment by Jeff Hershberger on March 16, 2010 at 12:38pm
Hi Cammi!

We happen to have an expert in the health insurance industry among us: Dave Cunix, who blogs at Health Insurance Issues With Dave. He may already have written about the networks you're looking for, or you could contact him directly - or come to the next meeting, he'll probably be there!

Julie & Julia was fun to watch. Blogging and cooking are both powerful creative outlets for those who want to do-it-yourself. And you don't need to run a 4-star restaurant to get anything out of it.


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