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We've now been upgraded/downgraded to the new Ning Mini Plan

As you know, Ning has converted from free and premium accounts to only premium accounts. After much discussion we've decided to keep the account but to go with the cheapest option at $19.95 per year. This gives us most of what we had before, except it doesn't include the events feature.

Since most people were RSVPing on the Erie Moose Facebook page anyway, I don't think this is a huge issue.

But then again not everyone is on Facebook. (surprising, but true.)

So my recommendation is to post new events as blog posts and ask people to comment below them as to whether or not they are coming. This way we can still put all the long details here to augment Facebook.

What about WordPress?
I've installed WordPress 3.0 with BuddyPress on
My plan is to use this as my guinea pig site to better acquaint myself with the new features of WP 3.0 so I can make a new master theme for myself. The members section isn't working yet.

When it's ready for alpha testing I'll let you know.

What about our old content like past events?
While that is not publicly available I have downloaded this archival material. So in theory we can import it into the WordPress site later.

When is the next event?
Jeff would like us to have our next meeting on August 31st as part of the Blogger 11th Birthday Celebration. Just to keep you on your toes, you can RSVP for that on Meet-up. (It's not just for Blogger/Blogspot users; WordPress, Movable Type, Typepad, Posterous, Tumber, etc. folks are welcome too. )

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