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There's more good news from the Blogger team at Google: the comments system has been completely overhauled.

My biggest complaint with using Blogger as a blogging platform has always been comment moderation. My choices were to allow any anonymous schmuck to comment (spam magnet!), approve comments one by one until people register, or basically not allow comments at all. What I really wanted was to let anybody comment unless their comment contained a link. Comments with links are spam 99.5% of the time, in my experience. I didn't want to force people to register, so I had to hand-delete these spam comments. No longer!

The new system gives you a "comments" tab alongside "posting" and "settings". Google now applies the same spamfiltering used in Gmail to comments on your blog. Commenters who have registered with you or have previously had a comment approved will obviously be whitelisted. This is a huge step forwards. They're rolling out the new system in waves, so I don't have the new functionality yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

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