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Starting today, a new UI is being rolled out for Blogger users.  Nothing will change (yet) for your readers, but your dashboard, post editor, and all the rest are being overhauled.

Log in to Blogger In Draft to see if they've made the changes available to you yet.  Blogger In Draft is where the Blogger team does beta-testing of new capabilities - for example, the Template Designer they released last year first became available in Draft.  It's great for early adopters.  Once the bugs have been worked out, they'll release the new UI to all Blogger users, not just those who log in via Draft.

How is the new design different?  It looks like they're incorporating more blog-reading into the blog-writing process.  That will make it easier for members of communities and networks of blogs to follow and comment on one another's posts.  Apparently there are a lot of technological changes, too, to allow new features later.

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