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While many of us blog are on other platforms besides Blogger/Blogspot, and we're treating the Blogger 11th Birthday Fiesta as a primarily social event, I just want to mention
that it's a significant cause for celebration because Blogger really led
the field in developing the software that allows us to blog today.

Back then those who published bloggy type things did it manually.
Pioneers hand-coded Web sites in a way to make them chronologically
navigable, but to do this, you had to be pretty tech savvy. As I recall
(from the book Jeff leant me) the blogger tribe created Blogger as a
side project to help them easily share things online in a way that would
automatically prioritize the most recent content.

We take that for granted with the tools that we use today, but the
Blogger folks set the stage for what we're all doing now on WordPress,
Movable Type and a variety of platforms. This also had an influence on
today's social media endeavors. (And oddly enough, Evan Williams,
co-founder of Twitter, was also one of the founders of Pyra Labs, the
group that created Blogger as a little side project.)

So whether you run a self-hosted WordPress blog, or share your thoughts
via Tumbler or Posterous, you're sampling the fruits of what Blogger
created. In that spirit I hope all can join as we congratulate Blogger
on their initial ideas and prolonged success. - Heidi

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